Peter Matthews

"When we launched our business we faced several challenges regarding our website. Notably:

1. we were in a rush
2. our website needed to interact with a server owned by another company
(mobile phone ringtones etc)
3. we lacked the technical skills needed to specify or manage our project.

After a series of meetings we realised a leap of faith was the only way we were ever going to get things done and went with Max Edwards. That was quite simply one of the best decisions we made.

Our business has moved on since our launch but without Max I doubt we would ever have made it. Max gave good practical advice at each point in the project, brought other good people in when that was necessary and liaised with partners and suppliers to bring everything together.

If you are currently looking for a professional competent software engineer who gets things done then you can stop looking and should give Max Edwards your business. If our experience is anything to go by then you won't regret it.

Directly quoted from Peter Matthews of Urban Fun Ltd

Max Edwards M.Eng.

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