Computer Systems & Software Engineering.

Department of Computer Science, University of York, UK

For many years the University of York's Department of Computer Science has consistently out-ranked its counterparts at every other university in the United Kingdom - even those at Oxford and Cambridge - when assessed for excellence in research and teaching.

In 1995, after 4 solid taught years including 3 summer industrial placements with Alsys Ltd, Henley-On-Thames (now Aonix) I graduated from their M.Eng. degree course in Computer Systems & Software Engineering.

I received a 1st for my thesis on Genetic Algorithms in Ada (see below), and a 2:1 (hons.) overall.
...and many, many more modules, covering every conceivable aspect of modern Computer Science and software & hardware engineering.

1990-1995 (4 taught years including 3 summers in industry.)

Max Edwards M.Eng.

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