Intelligent web solutions

Qualified Software Engineer crafting bespoke web-based software systems for internet & intranet.

Full-stack web programmer & developer, based in Brighton UK. Advanced Javascript solutions using Node.js, SQL & NOSQL databases, and modern browser technologies.

Lifelong coder

I discovered computer programming as a young child, which means I've been writing software for almost 40 years. In that time I've mastered dozens of programming languages and completed hundreds - if not thousands - of complex projects.

These days though, there is no language I love more than JavaScript. I've been creating intelligent interactive web solutions for more than half my career.

See what a real programmer can do

Lean interactive front-ends that load in a snap, with the right framework for the job: React, Svelte, VueJS, AngularJS, jQuery or lightning-fast vanilla. All honed with the meticulous craftsmanship of a lifelong coder.

Tailor-made back end tools that save you time & money, and upgrade your business capabilities. Delivered through your web browser, available in your pocket. Stock management, eCommerce customisations, order processing automation, supplier & customer integrations, scalable Content Management Systems...

Linux, Windows & serverless administration; domain management; continuous deployment.

Find out what a trained, experienced and passionate Software Engineer can do for your website & back-office intranet.

Max Edwards M.Eng.

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